• 2006 - Germany 2 Euros commemorative coin Schleswig Holstein

2006 - Schleswig Holstein

Includes 5 Cecas

Federal state coin series – first edition

Reason for issue:
The Federal Republic of Germany's series of €2 commemorative coins is designed to increase the European public's awareness of Germany's federal structure. The coins will be issued in the order of rotation of the Bundesrat presidency (the Upper House of the German parliament representing the federal states) and will begin with Schleswig-Holstein in 2006.

The national side of the commemorative coin depicts the Holstentor (the famous city gate in Lübeck); the intricate details give the coin an aesthetic appeal, which is in perfect keeping with the outer ring. The words "Schleswig Holstein" link the Holstentor as the depicted construction with the federal state. The outer ring of the coin features the 12 stars of the EU, the year of issue 2006 and the issuing country "BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND" (Federal Republic of Germany) as well as the name of the mint producing the coin. As on current €2 coins, the inscription "EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT" (unity, justice and freedom) is embossed on the coin edge. The new national side has been designed by Heinz Hoyer, Berlin.
The €2 commemorative coin has the same technical parameters as the €2 coin in circulation. It was minted in equal quantities in both mint condition and proof-like finish by all five German mints.

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2006 - Germany 2 Euros commemorative coin Schleswig Holstein

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