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FREE SHIPPING for orders over € 60 to any country WORLDWIDE

Certified mail Spain Peninsula and Balearic:

Shipping cost
Up to 100g.4,50 €
Up to 200g.5,35 €
Up to 500g.7,50 €
Up to 1Kg.8,15 €
Up to 1,5Kg.8,60 €
Up to 2Kg.8,90 €

Certified mail:

Shipping cost
Up to 50g.3,60 €
Up to 100g.3,85 €
Up to 200g.4,27 €
Up to 350g.5,05 €
Up to 500g.6,50 €
Up to 1Kg.7,00 €
Up to 1,5Kg.7,40 €
Up to 2Kg.7,70 €

International Shipping (international certified mail):

Shipping cost
Up to 50g.4,90 €
Up to 100g.5,90 €
Up to 200g.8,90 €
Up to 350g.14,10 €
Up to 500g.20,60 €
Up to 1Kg.23,60 €
Up to 1,5Kg.36,80 €
Up to 2Kg.41,80 €

We accept returned items within 5 days of receipt of the certificate by registered post. Shipping charges for returns will be borne by the buyer.

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