1975 - Laos PIC 23Aa    200 Kip banknote
1975 - Laos PIC 23Aa    200 Kip banknote 

1975 - Laos PIC 23Aa 200 Kip banknote

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Country and Pick Number:Laos pic 23Aa

  • First Year of Issue:1962
  • Denomination and Currency:Kip
  • Issue Type: Regular Issue

Banknote Laos1 Kip  year 1962 p8a

Banknote Laos1 Kip  year 1962  catalogue number p8a

banknote 1KipLaos banknote Laosp8a 1Kip 1962,1KipLaos banknotep8aLaosp8a Kip 1962,1KipLaossbanknoteLaosp8a Tenge1962,1Kip banknoteLaosp8a

Note: Images are for reference. The the banknote number shown in the image won't be   Tenget.

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