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Banknotes of all Oceania continent countries

Our Banknote's catalog of all Oceania

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List of Countries of Oceania with available Banknotes at

Oceania is an island continent of our planet, it is made up of Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, as well as the coral and volcanic archipelagos of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia, distributed throughout the Pacific Ocean.Commonly the whole is considered a continent. A sector of experts considers that Insulindia is also part of Oceania. All these islands are distributed throughout the Pacific Ocean. Its extension is 9,008,458 km², so it is the smallest continent on the planet.There are also other continental models, for example in English-speaking ones, Australia (continent) is used instead of Oceania, but in this case its definition does not include the Pacific Islands.If you are interested in buying an Oceania ticket that is missing from your collection this is our section for you, here you can see the tickets of the islands of Oceania. Cheer up! Buy a ticket and get caught up in this fascinating hobby.

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