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The bolívar fuerte (sign: Bs.F. or Bs.; plural: bolívares fuertes; ISO 4217 code: VEF) has been the currency of Venezuela since 1 January 2008. It is subdivided into 100 céntimos and replaced the original bolívar (sign: Bs.; plural: bolívares; ISO 4217 code: VEB) at the rate of Bs.F. 1 = Bs. 1,000 because of inflation.

Source: Wikipedia

Model: Venezuela PIC 48j EBC
1973 Venezuela P48j Billete de 100 BolívaresUSED, VF (Very Fine)Front: Brown on multicolor underprint. Portrait Simon Bolívar at right.Back: Monument to Battle of Carabobo, arms at left.Watermark: Portrait Simon Bolívar. Printer: TDLR (Thomas De La Rue). VF (Very Fine)..
Ex Tax:9.09€
Model: Venezuela PIC 50h
1974 Venezuela P50h 5 Bolívares banknoteFront: Red on multicolor underprint. Simon Bolívar at left, Francisco de Miranda at right.Back: Arms at left, National Pantheon at center.Printer: TDLR (Thomas De La Rue)...
Ex Tax:10.00€
Model: Venezuela PIC 51g
1979 Venezuela P51g 10 Bolivares banknote Purple on green and lilac underprint. Similar to number 42 but much different portrait of Antonio Jose de Sucre at right. 7-digit serial number. Back: Monument to Battle of Carabobo. Printer: ABNC (American Banknote Company)...
Ex Tax:13.64€
Model: Venezuela PIC 59a
1980 Venezuela P59a 100 Bolívares banknoteFront: Red, purple and black on multicolor underprint. Simon Bolívar at right, his tomb at center right. Serial number prefix A.Back: Arms at left, scene of hand to hand combat aboard ship.Watermark: Simon Bolívar. Printer: TDLR (Thomas De La Rue)...
Ex Tax:50.00€
Model: Venezuela PIC 58a
1981 Venezuela P58a 50 Bolívares banknoteFront: Dark brown and green on multicolor underprint. Andrés Bello at right. Serial number prefix A.Back: Arms at left, scene showing Andrés Bello teaching young Bolívar.Watermark: Andrés Bello. Impresor: TDLR (Thomas De La Rue)...
Ex Tax:22.73€
Model: Venezuela PIC 60a
1981 Venezuela P60a 10 Bolívares banknote Purple on light blue and multicolor underprint. Similar to number 57 but underprint is different, and there are many significant plate changes. Back: Arms at left, officers on horseback at center right. Printer: CdM-B (without imprint)...
Ex Tax:8.18€
Model: Venezuela PIC 71
1987 Venezuela P71 20 Bolívares banknoteDeep green and black on multicolor underprint. General Rafael Urdaneta at right. Serial number prefix A-C. Back: Battle of Lake Maracaibo at left center. Whatermark: General Rafael Urdaneta...
Ex Tax:3.64€
Model: Venezuela PIC 63b
1989 Venezuela P63b 20 Bolívares banknoteAnverso: Dark green on multicolor underprint. Similar to number 53 but CARACAS deleted under bank title. Title 82mm, horizontal central design in left center guilloche.Back: Arms at left, monument to Battle of Carabobo at center.Watermark: Jose Antoni..
Ex Tax:6.36€
Model: Venezuela PIC 68
1989 Venezuela P68 1 Bolívar banknote Purple on blue and green underprint. Large 1 at left, coin with Simon Bolívar at right. Serial number prefix: A-D; X. Back: Arms at left, rosette at right. Watermark: Paper. Printer: BDDK (without imprint). UV: fibers fluoresce green...
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