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America is the second largest continent in size of our planet after Eurasia. It occupies much of the Western Hemisphere of the Earth. Its extension goes from the Arctic Ocean north to the islands Diego Ramirez south , at the confluence of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. With an area of ​​more than 43,316,000 square kilometers , it is the second largest body of existing land and also concentrates about 12% of the human population.

The most populous city in America is Mexico City, Mexico. Because of its large size and its geographic characteristics, in some cultures America is traditionally divided into North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Latin Sur. Some geographers consider Central America and the Caribbean as a subregion within North America . Given its cultural characteristics , they are distinguished Anglo-Saxon America and Latin America.

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We have banknotes from North America, Central America tbanknotes and banknotes from South America . Discover how satisfying and enjoyable to collect banknotes from South America, Central and North America.

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